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Default Re: Magic Johnson averaged a triple double over his 1st 4 playoff runs.

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234
That really wasn't how the Lakers half court offense worked. It was more of Kareem scoring in the post, running a give and go with Magic, or Kareem passing out to Wilkes, Nixon or Cooper on the perimeter. Sometimes, Magic would find Wilkes under the basket with a bullet pass, drive to the basket or they'd run the "Coop-a-loop" for Michael Cooper, but for the most part, the half court offense was Kareem.

I don't see any argument for Magic being more valuable to the '82 Lakers than Kareem, especially considering their personnel. No way Philly wins those series in those scenarios either. The Lakers had a lot more talent. Philly was very good defensively, but that declines when trading Doc for Magic, and losing Doc's scoring would hurt as well. And in 1980, the gap between Dr. J and Magic was very big. Dr. J probably had his best NBA season and seems like he was easily the 2nd best player in the game behind only Kareem.

Watching the games, it just appears to be absolute to me that Magic was the better and more important player. I guess this is where we'll just disagree (which is fine), but I still don't believe that Kareem would ever have won another title without a great player who played with that kind of fire. A lesser player or a lesser leader and I think Kareem goes home with 1 ring.

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234
I think some of this is valid, but while Phoenix was more talented than Orlando, LA was easily more talented than the '09 Cavs. Having Pat Riley instead of Mike Brown doesn't hurt either.

Of course you can't win every year, that's why I think it's foolish to make assumptions about Magic on the '09 Cavs. I still don't see how Magic solves the match up problems Lewis and Howard caused.

Magic's cast was at least comparable to the '90 Suns and he lost that series in 5 so yes it's possible. He was the best player in that series, second best in the league behind Jordan. Lebron himself was a much better player than '09 Dwight and he lost. Having the best player doesn't guarantee anything.

It's just a matter of not winning every year for me. LeBron had been to the Finals two seasons earlier (and props to him for that Detroit performance, as well as props to Detroit for being so full of themselves that they didn't play hard), but he got thru a weak East with that Detroit team playing like they were entitled. He obviously had no chance of winning...against any Western team. That 2009 team was the first serious team he had. Of course, they weren't going to win in the Finals, but they were obviously in position to win the East. I think his MVP was deserved (tho I prefer Wade), but his performance in this series just never impressed me much. I was barely aware o the stats he was putting up, as it just didn't translate while watching the games.

That was his chance. Had LeBron been coming off consecutive trips and wins, that would be different. Guys have off-series or whatever but this was different...he wasn't off, he just didn't bring it. Not only that but playing against a great team and losing (even when you're better) than losing to a decent team (even if you're only decent) least it is when you're the best player on the court. It's not even meant to be a knock on him.

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