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Default Re: One Thread About how bad the Warriors really are

Clipperfan86 reincarnate. Go outside and have a beer. Anyone so emotionally tied to a group of men they have never met, so much so that they are freaking out and putting other drivers lives at risk, needs to reevaluate his or her life, or up the medication. The fact you are not emotionally stable enough to correct yourself is off-putting to say the least. I assume you're a grown ass man above the age of 25, how would you feel if clipperfan86 went barreling down your street in his moms minivan, tears in his eyes, ky jelly in his hand, ghost finder in the other, ran a stop sign because he found out Blake Griffin only likes women, and t-boned your whole family, killing them all, even the dog? That could be you one day. Knock the shit off and get a grip on yourself.
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