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Default Re: Report: Derrick Rose to pay for 6 month old funeral

Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder
Who gives a f*ck if the guy was associated with a gang? So is Rose. Rose is giving up at least 10k for a funeral, so why not throw the family a bit extra if he's in a giving mood?

Why are you even in a Bulls thread? You've got your all mighty Sixers to jack off to... I mean that Hawes/Bynum starting lineup has been destroying the league.

He's IN A GANG. He was SHOT AND TO BE KILLED not because he trolled them on an online messageboard you dumbass. That little baby is still here if her father wasnt involved in a f*cking gang. You're a f*cking idiot for not having the brain to think this up.

So yeah throw the family which includes the father money for no reason. You dont question the female/mother for getting knocked up by a gang banger and most importantly allowing that infant to travel with the father knowing he is in a gang. Knowing how crazy gang life in Chicago is. You nor I know if the "family" you want to give money too for ahhhhh well f*cks sake is even worthy of a handout. But who cares just give it to them. Shut up kid.

Why dont you throw the family some money? How about the next homeless person you walk by you think of this thread and give up money? Shut up kid part II.

Bulls thread or Derrick Rose off the court thread? Damn you're one dumb kid but usually emotions b!tches dont think. Thats your case here. Why are you in this thread? Derrrr derrrrr derrrrr

Now you want to bring up the Sixers. Irrelevant. Go create a thread and I'll enter it ok? Then proceed to shyt all over you like a bird does a car that was just washed. How about it bud? Shyt has nothing to do with showing Rose respect for a good gesture, mentioning MJ never coming thru like this and oh how dumb you were to suggest why doesnt Rose throw the money some extra money and get them a reality tv series. Shut up kid part III.
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