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Default Re: Better player : Derrick Williams or Tristian Thompson?

Originally Posted by fos
I'd say it's obvious that Thompson has been better this year but I'd still rather have Williams because of his upside. Both these guys can be average starters but Williams has all-star talent and Thompson doesn't.
Have you watched Thompson play? He is like a puppy with big paws. He is just starting to figure out how to play on this level and he's really athletic. He has tons of upside.

The problem with Williams, from what I've seen, is that he doesn't seem to have a natural position in the NBA. He was a beast in college playing primarily as a 4, using his athleticism around the rim. He is just not big enough to play PF in the NBA.

At the same time, his perimeter skills don't seem to be quite good enough to shine as a 3 in the NBA. He is a classic tweener.

Thompson is just 21 and he's averaging a double-double with potentially elite level defense down the road. At this stage, I really don't see the argument for Williams.
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