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Default Re: Paul Pierce is a top 5 Celtic all-time

Originally Posted by Duranthebest
True story.

FALSE story.

Here is my list:

1. Legend
2. Russell
3. Mchale
4. Havlechek
5. Cousy

Here is the REALITY!

5) Kevin McHale - Boston Celtics - 1980-1993

Celtics accomplishments:

- NBA Hall of Fame member
- member of three Celtics championship teams
- seven-time All-Star
- two-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year
- All-Rookie Team
- six-time All-Defensive Team selection
- one-time All-NBA selection
"Teaming up with Larry Bird and Robert Parrish to form a great front-line, McHale was a key contributor on the three championships he won in Boston. McHale was also a great defensive player, recording nine blocks in two separate games, although the NBA did not record blocks then." - Diego

"Even though he spent most of his career as a sixth man for the Celtics in the 1980s, McHale was the low post threat Bird needed to succeed. Bird was not always a McHale fan because McHale never took the game as seriously as Bird (no one did) but he was the perfect foil. The good-natured McHale was a beast in the paint. He mastered the low post and could beat his opponents with a variety of skillful post moves. His reputation will take a bad rap for what he did as the general manager of the Timberwolves. But even after he
retired, he delivered a title to Boston. Can't ask for much more." - Philip

4) Bob Cousy - Boston Celtics - 1950-1963

Celtics accomplishments:

- NBA Hall of Fame member
- member of six Celtics championship teams
- 13-time All-Star
- 12-time All-NBA
- Celtics all-time assist leader
"The original Steve Nash (with shorter hair and less finger-licking)." - Jeff Fox

"One of the first great ballhandlers, Bob Cousy seemed to see the game unfold before him in slow motion. He was the first of the great true point guards." - Don

3) John Havlicek - Boston Celtics - 1962-1978

Celtics accomplishments:

- NBA Hall of Fame member
- member of eight Celtics championship teams
- Celtics all-time leader in games played, minutes played, field goals (made & attempted) and points.
- Finals MVP
- All-Rookie Team
- 11-time All-NBA team
- eight-time All-Defensive Team
- 13-time All-Star
- eighth all-time in career NBA minutes played
- ninth all-time in career field goals made in the NBA
- fifth all-time in career field goal attempts in the NBA

"Despite the myriad of Celtics superstars, you could argue that John Havlicek is 'Mr. Celtic'." - Jeff Fox

"The best sixth man in NBA history, Havlicek dominated games coming off the bench -- something that doesn't happen in today's basketball. In Game 7 of the 1965 NBA Finals, Havlicek stole an in-bounds pass with seven seconds left to preserve a one-point lead over Wilt Chamberlain's 76ers and win the championship." - Diego

"He was the primary scorer for many of Russell's championship teams and bridged the gap between the Russell and Cowens eras. 'Hondo' personified the heart and grit of those 1960s Boston teams." - Philip

2) Larry Bird - Boston Celtics - 1979-1992

Celtics accomplishments:

- NBA Hall of Fame member
- member of three championship teams
- 10th all-time in NBA free throw %
- Celtics all-time steals leader
- three-time MVP
- Rookie of the Year
- two-time Finals MVP
- 10-time All-NBA team
- All-Rookie Team
- three-time All-Defensive Team

"One of the greatest basketball players to ever walk this planet, Bird revived the NBA and revolutionized the small forward position. Whenever Boston needed a big bucket, he supplied it." - Diego

"Bird and Magic Johnson saved basketball plain and simple. Their rivalry transcended sports and was the catalyst for the modern NBA. But more than that, Bird's artistry as a teammate and champion was beautiful for basketball fans to watch. He just had an instinct for the game and continually transformed himself to better himself and his teammates. There may not be another player who had everything a basketball player could have." - Philip

1) Bill Russell - Boston Celtics - 1956-1969

Celtics accomplishments:

- NBA Hall of Fame member
- member of 11 championship teams as a player
- 2nd most career rebounds in NBA history
- 2nd highest career rebounds per game average in NBA history
- most career rebounds in Celtics history
- 12-time All-Star
- five-time MVP
- 11-time All-NBA Team
- one-time All-Defensive Team
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