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Default Re: What is the worst finals MVP performance in modern history?

KG should have been the FMVP in 2008, but Pierce was easily better than Ray. And his won wasn't that wrong.

As far as worst...I don't get that word. You can rank them and one will be lower than the rest (unless there's a tie) but this thread is really about a. Kobe and b. ripping on other players. It's also about Kobe.

In all honesty, outside of Pierce for KG and Duncan for's been pretty accurate going back, until worthy completely robbed Magic Johnson. I mean, that was a crime.

I also think Magic should have Kareem's in 85. An I think Bird should have beaten Maxwell in 81. I was gonna say Willis Reed in 1973, but I remember that being an all-around team. No one was that impressive, to be honest. Boring series too. I think Frazier should have won in 1970...then again, it's tough. Actually, I think Jerry West was the best player on the floor in that series. Dave Cowens should have won...1976 I think it was.
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