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Default Re: Post the dumbest things you've heard said on InsideHoops

Originally Posted by secund2nun
He did have one of the worst NBA finals of all time. 29 ppg means nothing if you have terrible shooting. Anyone can get 29 ppg on a billion shots. Just compare Kobe's 2010 finals performance with the other recent finals MVP and you will see how awful it was.

The truth is the truth. To make it even worse, Gasol was easily the real finals MVP in 2010 yet Kobe got it because of hype.
Okay here are some from last decade.

Kobe 2010: 29-8-4 on 41FG/53TS
Pierce 2008: 22-5-6 on 45FG/59TS
Duncan 2005: 21-14-2 on 42FG/47TS
Billups 2004: 20-5-6 on 51FG/57TS

Post Gasol's numbers during the road games, then come back and tell me he was the "real" FMVP.
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