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Default Re: should dwyane wades resurection/take over/heat streak cost lebron mvp?

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
That's a stupid and arbitrary benchmark, like I already pointed out. Plenty of teams had stacked rosters historically. How many times did Russell's/Bird's Celtics, Magic's/Wilt's/Shaq's Lakers, etc win 70 games? It's only been done once and as coincidence would have it, the best player on that team is universally regarded as the GOAT.

Just because you throw all stars/HOFers on a team, it doesn't automatically guarantee success as we've seen this season with the Lakers (as well as in the past with Rockets when they acquired Pippen and Barkley, and the '04 Lakers... although they at least made the finals, they were crowned by many as the best team ever and a lock to break the wins record when they first came together).

Name one player who has a better case for MVP than Lebron.

LeBron himself said he didn't think he or Wade would win MVP playing on the same team together. I'm just agreeing with LeBron. As I said, the media got it right in 2011 when they didn't give it to Wade or LeBron, neither of them should win MVP on the same team together unless they are historically good, which the 2011 weren't and the 2012 Heat aren't. Forgot 70 games, they won't even win 60 games and they have more talent than any of the teams with the all-time best regular season winning percentages in the NBA history.

@ comparing the '13 Lakers, '99 Rockets and '04 Lakers to the '11 Heat and '13 Heat. Talk about reaching.
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