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Default Re: Am I the only person who would favor the Lakers over the Spurs in 1/8 match up?

Originally Posted by gengiskhan
Without Kobe, Lakers will go to 6 games with SPURS as SAS win 4-2.

With Kobe, Lakers get SWEPT as SAS go 4-0.

Plain & Simple.

SAS play team ball with perfect team chemistry in harmony lead by selfless GOAT coach.

LAL play Kobe-ball & Kobe will make sure LAL get SWEPT.

Kobe LED Lakers cannot be down 10-12 pts in Mid 3rd Q or early 4th Q every game against SAS & expect to win even a single game.

A well oiled machine like SAS will ALWAYS make a very clutch very late 4th Q run & that will put the game out of LALs reach & hence SWEEP.

Without Kobe, LAL will be down no more than 2-3 pts vs SAS in late 3rd Q cuz of much better ball movement, much better chemistry, they might have a chance of winning atleast 1 game of the series.
Homeboy 33 years old spending every minute of his life sitting in his parent's basement typing about Kobe. He has some of the most uneducated responses as well. Honestly, before I clicked on his profile, I assumed by some of his responses that he was 14, 15 years old.
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