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Default Re: Am I the only person who would favor the Lakers over the Spurs in 1/8 match up?

Originally Posted by TAZORAC
If the playoffs started today the Lakers would have to play the Spurs in a 1/8 match up. The Lakers match up much better against the Spurs then they do the Thunder. I actually favor the Lakers over the Spurs in the playoffs. Who else feels the Lakers can beat the Spurs?

Without Kobe, Lakers will go to 6 games with SPURS as SAS win 4-2.

With Kobe, Lakers get SWEPT as SAS go 4-0.

Plain & Simple.

SAS play team ball with perfect team chemistry in harmony lead by selfless GOAT coach.

LAL play Kobe-ball & Kobe will make sure LAL get SWEPT.

Kobe LED Lakers cannot be down 10-12 pts in Mid 3rd Q or early 4th Q every game against SAS & expect to win even a single game.

A well oiled machine like SAS will ALWAYS make a very clutch very late 4th Q run & that will put the game out of LALs reach & hence SWEEP.

Without Kobe, LAL will be down no more than 2-3 pts vs SAS in late 3rd Q cuz of much better ball movement, much better chemistry, they might have a chance of winning atleast 1 game of the series.
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