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Default Re: As a Kobe hater and a Laker hater...

Originally Posted by I<3NBA
i am torn between being happy that the Lakers are winning without Kobe or being worried that now that Kobe is out, Lakers will start playing winning ball and actually make the playoffs. second only after Kobe, i also hate the Lakers with my guts. they are the team that eliminated ALL of my previous favorite teams. they eliminated the Webber-led Kings, Pippen-led Blazers, Nash-led Suns. these are teams i rooted for in the past. more than likely, if Lakers weren't in the way, Webber would've had a ring, Blazers would've won the championship, and Nash wouldn't have to be this pathetic ring chaser that he is on the Lakers.

the only thing that would make me happy is the Lakers making the playoffs without Kobe and then Kobe forces his way back once the playoffs start and the Lakers are swept in the 1st round. it would be a dream come true.

So basically what you're saying is that you're a bandwagoner who always picks the wrong team to dick ride?
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