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Default The history of Kobe haters on ISH

I came on the boards in 2000 and it has been the same topics but with a twist.

People hated Kobe because he was dubbed the next Jordan by the media.
He was a young kid who was not proven but had potential.
And at this time the Lakers just got Glen Rice and hardly made a dent in the playoffs. But this year would be different....dirt year under Phil the Lakers win it all. The hatred and homerizm of Kobe escalate to a new high.

The trifecta years.
Kobe and Shaq beef people on these boards choose sides.
Biggest Kobe haters around these boards are Philly Iverson fans....Kings fans....Carter Raptor fans...Spurs fans...and Blazers fans.
Many point out Kobe can be replaced with Iverson, Carter, Eddie Jones, Marbury, Steve Francis etc. and the lakers would still win titles.
Jordan fans around this time are still out in force hating Kobe as well.

Colorado and the Lakers mega team losing the Finals...
All blame goes on Kobe. And the Kobe rapist threads on here blow up.

Kobe is hated for running Shaq out of town and being on a sub par Laker team.
Haters make constant post on how Kobe will never win another title. They also sell the idea that Kobe is not better then McGrady, Iverson, and Carter still.

Kobe scores 81 point in one game but the haters point to the one stat 0 assist.
Around this time the Wade and LeBron comparisons start. (Iverson McGrady and Carter start to phase out). He is still ridiculed for not being able to win a title without fact not being able to win a playoff series.....being a one man show in LA....throwing Bynum under the bus....and when all else fails a rapist.

Kobe wins titles back to back with Pau Bynum and Lamar.
Haters now are saying Pau is the main option and reason for the titles. Kobe can not win titles with out a prime big man. They point out his shooting percentage during certain games more then ever.
He is compared to LeBron and Jordan constantly. And is still called a rapist when all else fails.

Present day....
Kobe is too old. Kobe legacy will be stained by this season. Kobe is no longer elite in the NBA. LeBron and Durant are better then Kobe has ever been. No elite player would want to play with Kobe. Etc. etc.

As you can see on these boards with some people Kobe is the luckiest player to ever play and is just an average player....that's what the haters all along have been pushing us to believe.

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