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Default Re: should dwyane wades resurection/take over/heat streak cost lebron mvp?

Originally Posted by kennethgriffin

how about a guy who doesnt have an mvp yet. and has a ton less help... and plays in a way tougher confrence. and is averaging way more points. and has to overcome a cancerous pg that shoots 40%fg's and takes more shots than him. and who lost their 3rd best player via salary dumping for garbage. and whos one of only a few guys in nba history to have a 50/40/90% season ( which is nearly impossible to have if you're leading the nba in scoring.. has it even happend before? )

Kevin Martin is no scrub he lead every team he played for in scoring he's not the playmaker harden is but he's no scrub. When a guy is leading his team in scoring rebs ast and that team has the best record that's MVP material
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