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Default Re: Paul Pierce is a top 5 Celtic all-time

Oh yeah, definitely. I'd easily put Cousy, Russell, Havlicek, and Bird ahead of Pierce. I guess there could be a debate once you get past those four, but not with those four.

Cousy wouldn't make all-star games today.

He was a franchise- and era-defining player, though. So he can be on the list.

Cousy, Russell, Havlicek, Bird, and Pierce seem like the top 5 to me. I'm not sure how McHale, a guy who was second- or third-fiddle to Bird, can make it over Pierce, a guy who defined the franchise for a decade. KM could score rebound and defend; but that's not what this list is about. If it were, again, Cousy wouldn't be anywhere near it.
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