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Default Re: Am I the only person who would favor the Lakers over the Spurs in 1/8 match up?

Originally Posted by Just2McFly
The spurs depth wont mean shit when rotations shorten to eight or so players, their formula isnt going to mean shit. I've got the Lakers in 6. All this talk about Parker, but no one is asking what SAS is going to do against Gasol, Kobe and Howard.

So much stupidity on this board, reminds me of why I don't frequent here as often any more.

Duncan/Splitter is more than capable of handling Howard/Gasol. You obviously haven't been watching the Spurs this year and Splitter's development in particular. Even at his age, there's no way Howard's punk @$$ outplays Duncan in a 7 game series. I actually want to see this series real bad so we can all see Timmy sh*t all over that f*ggot.

Kawhi Leonard and Cap'n Jack are more than capable of making things difficult for Kobe. More so than the Lakers pathetic defense is in regards to Manu and TP. Those two will take turns shredding LA's "defense" forcing Kobe to have to take turns guarding them, wearing him out even more and making Leonard and Jackson's jobs easier. Plus the Spurs shooters will kill them as well.

Like others have stated, speed/quickness and athleticism is what is needed to beat SA, something the Lakers have none of. Spurs in 4-5 tops. Plus we're forgetting the Spurs biggest advantage: Pop>>>>>>>>>>>>>D'Antoni

Spurs vs OKC in the WCF again.
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