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Default Re: Tim Duncan vs Larry Bird

I think its a toss up. Bird had maybe the best peak of all time in the mid-80s. The guy can carry an offense and still hold his own as a defender because of his IQ on the court. He is more limited than Duncan in terms of size and athleticism but makes up for it in skill.

Duncan is a great defender and the best offensive post player of the past two 10-15 years. Shaq was more dominant due to his physicality but Duncan's skills on the block trump his. Really good passer too. Championship center piece style big who can anchor both ends of the floor.

I'd prob lean Duncan just because of the value of post player and because I've seen a lot more of his play. Grew up watching Duncan compared to watching some reruns of Bird so I don't think I can rate Bird accurately.

When ISHers make all time greatest lists these two are usually seperated by like 3-5 spots so not sure how ppl are going to say its not even close.
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