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Default Re: Tim Duncan vs Larry Bird

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
I think that overstates it a bit, but not sure what relevance that really's not like Duncan's numbers are based on his competition or anything like that.

I have no problem with someone taking Bird...just not an easy choice if we are being objective.

The under-rating of Duncan and what he has done is crazy. If he had played the exact same career in a place like Boston or LA or NY...the answers would be extremely different than they have been in this thread. And that is silly.

Just imagine for a second that Duncan had led the Knicks to 4 titles and 14 straight years over 50 wins...LOL at the idea that people would be saying..."Bird and it isn't close"
I wasn't trying to underrate Duncan, he is one of the all-time greats in my book, I just get agitated by the idea that Bird's success was the reflection of talent he was surrounded by. It was overwhelming team basketball that made Boston a dominant superteam, not individual talents of his team-mates, at least not to an extent people try to present it nowdays.
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