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Default Re: kobe injury could have been prevented by hi-tops ?

Sneakers increase the risk of injuries, especially thicker sole shoes. They cause you to unnaturally put pressure on your heels instead of the front of you feet if the soles are very thick, which greatly increases the chances of injuries and lowers your speed. Naturally (barefeet) you are supposed to walk/run with more of the front of your feet, not your heels. Heel running is what causes blowouts.

The Stanford track coach, which is one of the best track programs, found that his runners ran faster and had less injuries if they were no shoes and ran barefoot instead. This is when Nike came up with the idea of those really thin light shoes which are basically like wearing nothing. These shoes are known as "Nike Frees."

If anything the injury chances would have been decreased with thin sole shoes like Nike Frees that encourage you to naturally run with your front feet

Great article on it:

Traditional shoes increase the chances of injuries and do not improve athletic performance. It is all a gimmick and strictly for fashion.
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