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Default Re: Magic Johnson averaged a triple double over his 1st 4 playoff runs.

Originally Posted by LeBird
It was an example of a season where he played at an MVP level and didn't win it.

The 2007 year I am talking about where Dirk finished above Lebron was in 06-07 when he won the MVP. The year you are talking about where he finished below Lebron (he finished 11th) was the 07-08 season. Look at Dirk's numbers between the years: objectively, not much difference besides his dip in shooting. Now look at the team success: 67 win #1 team in the league vs 51 win #10 team in the league. Yet from #1 to #11 in MVP voting.

It isn't rocket science, or an exact science, but you've got your reason staring you in the face.

The year I'm referencing is, as I said, 2005/06, not 07/08. In 05/06 Dirk finished 3rd and LeBron finished 2nd. Dirk won 60 games and LeBron won 50 games. So, I'm disproving your specific point.

Naturally, a player can suffer from comparisons to himself. He was already the defending MVP and it would take a lot for them to give it to him a 2nd straight year. His team won, as I said, a LOT of games the year before and were eliminated in the first round. Everything was against him. Record plays a part but you're not really accurate in your emphasis.

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