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Originally Posted by RRR3
What was your old account? Brisbaneman?

No, I don't like Dirk. I mean he's ok but kind of boring to watch.

Originally Posted by pauk
Stop being a douchebag.... Just because Reggie is my favorite player of all time doesnt mean i cant appreciate other players games or....? I am a Reggie, Penny, Bird, Kemp, Lebron, Durant, Ray Allen, Jordan, Pippen and so on and so on "fan".... i do enjoy watching Rose, CP3, Kobe, Wade and some others today aswell and i did enjoy watching many other players in the past aswell...

I am not a player fan, i am a basketball fan.... i appreciate great basketball and the greatest such thing today from an individual standpoint i just so happen to come from that guy in Miami right now...

What would you say the proportion of your posts about LeBron is to posts about the other players you mentioned? 85% LeBron and Kobe, 15% other players? If we're being generous? I don't see you writing pages of heartfelt essays defending Miller or Penny at all costs. Only LeBron. And that's fine, there's plenty of other LeBron stans out there. Not sure why you'd want to hide or deny it though.
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