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Originally Posted by shaq2000
Not RG, but my old account was banned for "racist crap." Pft. Not a racist bone in me.

It's a good feeling, pauk.

Stop being a douchebag.... Just because Reggie is my favorite player of all time doesnt mean i cant appreciate other players games or....? I am a Reggie, Penny, Bird, Kemp, Drazen, Lebron, Durant, Ray Allen, Jordan, Pippen and so on and so on "fan".... i do enjoy watching Rose, CP3, Kobe, Wade and some others today aswell and i did enjoy watching many other players in the past aswell... Reggies game i have been the biggest fan of because i also grew up studying his moves (screen/of the ball tricks) and shooting/workethic, it improved my game...

I am not a player fan, i am a basketball fan.... i appreciate great basketball and the greatest such thing today from an individual standpoint i think just so happen to come from that guy in Miami right now...

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