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Default Re: The "I Dunked on Alonzo Mourning" Club Members

Originally Posted by The Answer
Reguardless, Mourning was the better defender. I'm not bashing Payton. He is, in my opinion, the best defensive point guard to ever play in the league. However, a bigman, who plays dominant defense, can impact the game in ways a guard, who plays dominant defense, can't.
Once again, when a Bigman plays dominating defense, he is greater than a guard who plays dominating defense. I agree

But Mourning was only dominant for 2 years. He only made it to 2 All-Defensive Teams. EVEN SHAQ made to more than that. And I am not just saying 2 All-Defensive 1st, I am saying 2 overall. So he was dominating for 2 years, Payton though was dominating for 9 years.

Dominating guard defender or good inside defender? You have to take the guard, and plus he has done it better longer...
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