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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'MY CAREER MODE' Discussion

When tf will I be able to ask my gm to trade some of my teammates? I'm with the Spurs and I took over Parker's position at PG and I REALLY want the gm to get rid of him and get me a new big man, especially since this dumbass decided to not resign Splitter (who would make every shot) and Bonner (3 point killer, assist goldmine). Whats even worse is they signed some 70 rated PF with the last name Johnson, not saying hes bad, but for WHATEVER reason they benched Duncan for this kid.....So I have Duncan and Parker on the bench along with CDR. Me Manu Leonard Johnson and Blair make up the starting lineup.

I really don't wanna ask for a trade myself since I was drafted by the Sixers and asked to be traded out so I could be a starting PG (that gm screwed me over with the Spurs trade), and since its only my 2nd year I wanna play a full year with just one team.
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