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Default Re: Kobe Bryant on Michael Jordan, LeBron, winning championships, etc

Originally Posted by francesco totti
winning championships should not be everything.How its been won should be taken into debate as well. second fiddle, lot of help etc etc.

This is why Kobe being 2nd fiddle to shaq, and lebron with this huge help with miami will not surpass jordan

couldn't have said it better myself.

Well balanced Teams kicking on all cylinders win championships!

If you aint a leader, NUMERO UNO option, then you are just part of a well oiled machine.

Kobe can be credited for just 1 ring 2009 ring. (HINT: 6/24 in Game 7 for 2010)

LBJ can be credited for 1 ring too cuz he was clearly a leader of well oiled machine called MIAMI HEAT in 2012.
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