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Default Re: The "I Dunked on Alonzo Mourning" Club Members

Originally Posted by knickscity
Let me rephrase my question, name some championship teams who won primairly because of their defensive big????

Perhaps, you missunderstood what I meant. Because I don't see how anyone could disagree with my statement. Let me clarify it then. I believe I said something along the lines of "A defensive big impacts the game in which a guard can't." I meant specifically defensively. Which is why I said, "The closer one gets to the basket the more likely he is to score. Therefore a dominant center, who can guard the rim, forces teams to take more outside shots, which are less likely to go in. It's basketball 101." I wasn't saying that a one dimensional defensive big like Mutombo or Wallace was more important than an all around beastly guard like Jordan. Only that a truly dominant defensive big has more of an impact than a dominant perimeter defender.

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