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Default Re: The "I Dunked on Alonzo Mourning" Club Members

Originally Posted by knickscity
I actually would take them both. Considering they play different positions. Just for defense. Total game....Payton

You could have made an argument for payton being the best PG in the L some years, but no one would give Zo the nod as the best Center in any year.
Yeah and Payton was pretty up there as a defender for a PG, clearly the best over a 9 year spread. Him and Jordan were always on All-Defensive 1st. While, Zo only the best for like 2 years, and never even got to an All-Defensive other than 2 years. But because of those 2 years he is remembered more as a great defender...

If you had to pick one who would you take? Keep in mind good defensive centers are much more comon than good defensive PGs. Especially as good as Payton, you'd find no replacement as good as the GLove. But you could probably find a Center as good as Zo on defense...
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