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Default Re: The "I Dunked on Alonzo Mourning" Club Members

Originally Posted by Glove_20
Yeah thats what I would say too. Very good. For 2 years I would say he is elite and thats what puts him in the "very good" level, but the rest of the years he was just good. But those 2 dominating years does put him in the "very good" level.

Just curious of your answer, who would you rather have on defense. Alonzo (2 Time All-Defensive Team in career) or Gary Payton (9 Straight All-Defensive 1st) full prime was not just PEAK wise, just overall prime wise (Years they were considered "good")

I actually would take them both. Considering they play different positions. Just for defense. Total game....Payton

You could have made an argument for payton being the best PG in the L some years, but no one would give Zo the nod as the best Center in any year.
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