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Default Re: The "I Dunked on Alonzo Mourning" Club Members

Originally Posted by knickscity
Zo has his fair share of blocks and rebounds, not saying he is as good as Deke. No way I will say he compares to Dream. That would be crazy.

But Zo is not a slouch. He was a very good defender, not elite, but very good.
Yeah thats what I would say too. Very good. For 2 years I would say he is elite and thats what puts him in the "very good" level, but the rest of the years he was just good. But those 2 dominating years does put him in the "very good" level.

Just curious of your answer, who would you rather have on defense. Alonzo (2 Time All-Defensive Team in career) or Gary Payton (9 Straight All-Defensive 1st) full prime was not just PEAK wise, just overall prime wise (Years they were considered "good")
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