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Default Re: Magic Johnson averaged a triple double over his 1st 4 playoff runs.

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
That wasn't my reason, tho I considered saying that out loud. But I don't want to knock Kareem based on that. The Kareem I saw playing in LA was one lazy man on defense. Did not defend the pick n' roll and didn't protect the rim nearly as much as his blocks suggest. Altering shots is more important than blocking a couple. He blocked a lot but I didn't see him contest as much as I would have liked, considering how lazy he was. The guy was known for his end-to-end speed and his gracefulness, but he was so lazy that I used to think he was slow (I'm talking pre-Magic).

I won't hold against him that he didn't win without a great PG. He just never had the impact of the other 5. And it was very noticeable. It makes me even think about ranking other players ahead of him, tho I struggle mostly because of the overall career...I mean, the longevity was crazy...especially when he did it.

But then I think of all the games I've seen and all that things I've read about him as a Buck...that Kareem was something else.

There are some clips and full games on Kareem with the Bucks the dude was an Unreal Defender then. He was like a More Athletic Version of Tim Duncan with Better Passing and ofcourse the Most Onstoppable Post Shot of All Time, The Sky Hook. Kareem in his 20s Would Average 30-35 PPG in Today´s NBA with Ease.
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