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Default Re: Magic Johnson averaged a triple double over his 1st 4 playoff runs.

Originally Posted by Riley Martin


Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
Tim Duncan ?

Maybe. I have an obligation to put him over Barkley, even tho Barkley was a better player at his best and did so in a much better era...and he simply did more, stepped up in every big situation, but simply didn't win...and, I guess, didn't get close enough to the promised land as much as he needed to. But I'd take Barkley over most of the guys I'm supposed to put on the list.

Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder
I'm assuming Jordan is automatically in there too? (Since you gave 7 + Magic)

Nice to see West up there.

Well yeah lol. No original thinking can leave Jordan off the list.

Looking back at his career and thinking back to all the old games I've seen...I'm trying too hard to pick, when the Logo is right there.

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