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Default Re: Assassin's Creed 4

Yeah I'm with you guys on the fact that ACIII was much more of an open/action game. I mean part of it has to do with the fact that it is taking time during a war, but I feel like the only part that made you feel stealth-like was the forts as someone else mentioned. Most of the time though I found myself just fighting like a brutal maniac and not having to hide. I mean Ubisoft tried to add those "Remain undetected" side missions, but the game still felt like it was more wide open.

I'm hoping ACIV comes back towards the roots of the franchise and really focuses on making Edward this super dynamic character that isn't only a pirate, but is a kick-ass stealthy assassin.

And I'm wondering as to how they went through a whole game without mentioning Haytham's father. Like wut? Why couldn't Haytham be like, "You know, my father was an assassin too?" But I'm guessing he didn't even know his father. Cuz by the looks of the trailer, Edward banged bitched left and right so he wouldn't have known if he knocked someone up.
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