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Default Re: Start Darius Morris/Bench Metta World Peace

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Amare could hit from 15 feet and out, Dwight can't.
My point is that if a team is not going to get you the ball because their goal every time down court is to shoot 3's then why bother focusing on a double team? He is not freeing up any shooters......besides our shooters are not that good or reliable.
Uh.....he shot MORE free thrown in by your logic he is getting even less shots (No offense intended )
Other point, Dwight's shots in Orlando were all in the paint with him being the focus of the offense, it's a whole different ballgame don't let the shot count fool you......WATCH THE GAME NOT THE STATS

I do watch the games, like I said I was there in Staples when Dwight had quite a bit of touches. I mentioned the shot attempts to focus more on facts rather than our our subjective observations.
I guess I just don't get it because I am not a coach like you, right?
In a way, I know what you are saying esp now Kobe is all locked in and Nash is being assertive, but I just disagree that Dwight is not getting any touches at all.
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