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Default Buyout/waiver market didn't produce what Warriors hoped for

1. The buyout/waiver market did not produce the options the Warriors had hoped. The Warriors are left weighing their options between the likes of Hakeem Warrick, Omri Caspi and Chris Douglas-Roberts.

No DaJuan Blair buyout. No Timofey Mozgov buyout. No one who makes the Warriors want to act now.

Certainly, there are a few players out there the Warriors like a little. But no one they’re going to jump at the chance to nab.

2. The Warriors are giving Mark Jackson veto power. Since it’s late in the season and whoever comes would be an adjustment, they’re only going to add a player with his approval. And Jackson, who is big on chemistry, hasn’t been too keen on the options he has been presented with.

-- IBAbuzz
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