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Default Re: Start Darius Morris/Bench Metta World Peace

Originally Posted by DKLaker
You really seem to ignore what 'Antoni wants to do and what the effects are.
Why would a team worry about double teaming Dwight when he is not an offensive focus of our team? Dude takes like 8 shots a game now, and the coach doesn't believe in the post up game.
Your ideas would be very good ones if we had a traditional coach.

Howard is taking 10 shots/game, only 3 less than when he was in Orlando, and that's with Kobe, Nash and heck Metta whose been going crazy taking those low % shots in the team. .
You also add 9 FTs which is essentially 4 extra shots/game. I happened to be in Staples when he took more shots vs Cleveland and Boston. But yes there were games that Kobe, Nash, Metta gets carried away and move away from Dwight like the last 3 games but even when he took only 8 in Denver, he took, 14FTs. so...Back when he coached Phoenix, Amare also had some decent amt of shots.
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