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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

Finished up Saints Row 3. Fun game. Really fun game. Rockstar's RDR and GTA lose a lot of that with the focus centered around storytelling. Games like this, and Elder Scrolls too, I've found a good chunk of my time is spent interacting with the world around me and causing as much mayhem as I can. There's a limit to creativity of things I can do in this game, but I didn't reach that point until around 60 hours. I didn't find the story interesting at all after the first hour, and it was the last thing I finished once I was bored with the rest of the stuff.

Also, playing a bit of Planetside2 and Guild Wars 2. I like the direction both are taking MMO's. I can play with people, a lot of people, without having to be their friend, invite them to a party, or compete with them in the world. I never played Guild Wars, so 2 is entirely new to me. It's a lot more inviting than any other MMORPG, since I am rewarded for killing things with other people. The story doesn't stall at some point where I need to sit around asking for a group.
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