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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Knicks needed to address pg. I hoped while injured that shumpert would watch, learn, and listen with Kidd and Felton and even prigioni around. But he wasn't watching and learning gaurd with those guys- he must picture himself the Carmelo/jr smiths instead.

I still believe shumperts highest ceiling is as a gaurd- offensively and defensively and that the Knicks should fight through the growing pains of playing him at gaurd because the best players the team could put out there would be shumpert with jr and Carmelo.

Playing too many guards (playing "small")is my biggest pet problem to see in coaching. What it does is make it easier on the coach- it's lazy coaching. It also makes it easier on the opposing team as well and that's the problem. The current starting lineup is the easiest look the Knicks give to cover-how stupid is that?

Knicks needed a trade- since they didn't make one they need to shake up the lineup and rotation. Lazy coaching- I think the guy just wants to keep everybody happy and just glide in to the playoffs. He needs to really figure out how each player could help most and put them in that role whether they like it or not.

Pg- Felton starts and shumpert plays there the remaking minutes

Sg-jr starts allowing for the quick hook- but my guess is he would actually play way more efficient as a 3rd/4th option than he does as a 1st/2nd. Kidd plays 2 all minutes shumperts at the 1. And that's about it other than as the defensive wing body

Sf Carmelo w shumpert/Kidd/Novak as the 4/5/6 of your 1-3's.

Pf&c obviously you need to start amare w chandler and hope you ever get Camby or Rasheed or both. Kmart will play a lot

Point of my whole ramble if you're still with me- shumpert has to get trained into pg because that makes it possible to put your best on the floor at the end of games.
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