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Default Re: Start Darius Morris/Bench Metta World Peace

Originally Posted by kkinchen
Is anyone with me now. Having Metta and Nash out there at the same time is like playing 5 against 3 for the opposing team.

Will somebody tell D'antoni to use some common sense and move Metta to the bench and give either Meeks or Morris the starting role in his place.

Im so lost on why are you so fixated on who is starting rather than who should play more minutes. I like Meeks to play more minutes than Metta but I don't like him to be on the bench and result to him subbing and playing wiht Blake. Both Blake and Metta are so limited and can't create their own shot, atleast Meeks is faster to cut and get off a quicker shot when Kobe is sitting on the bench.
I would like Dwight to be pulled out at the 7-8 min mark and play with the reserves. In that way, they establish an inside out system, Howard commands a double team which will free up the shooters.
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