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Default Re: Phoenix's Team Should Sit Out 2morrow (Protest)

Originally Posted by chopchop20
Sometimes it takes action to change rules. Also, rules are never absolute.


But RIGHT NOW, it's the right damn suspension. I mean come on.

Maybe they'll change it after the fact (ala the Tuck Rule), but at the time, like it or not, it's the right call.

That Duncan and Bowen did the same and they're not being suspended

And Duncan and Bowen did NOT do what Amare and Diaw did. Diaw turned himself around and walked back to the bench, so his suspension, while it may be less vital, seems unnecessary to me. Amare's is warranted. Duncan and Bowen didn't do the same thing as Amare. The rule is in place for those who may escalate the situation, and TD and Bruce Bowen didn't rush toward the fight as Amare did.
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