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Default Re: Joakim Noah vs. Biblical Noah

Originally Posted by Segatti
Yeah, judging by your post and others (Glide2keva, Go Getter) in this thread you can see how much pacific and respectful people atheists are compared to the "religious nuts"

Why wouldn't I make fun of them? It's not that they believe in God - that's fine. It's that they're nuts. I make fun of nuts people.

And they don't even know the very dogma they subscribe to. The story of Noah is from the Old Testament, which is only included in the Bible because of its creation myth and few other outstanding elements that are important to Christianity (such as the Fall of Man so it could be used by Christianity to guilt humanity). As a whole, the Old Testament is of the Jewish canon with most of the literature being MYTHOLOGICAL no different than the Gods of Mount Olympus, the Nordic Gods of Valhalla, Winnie The Pooh, other fictional stuff (most of it written 600 BC when the Hebrews were exiled in Babylon). Why does Jesus mention it? Because he was a Jew and it was part of their holy scripture.

And yes, Jesus was a historical figure. He existed. A Jewish man wanting to re-interpret religion, relationship to God (Yahweh) and more (there's only ONE Yahweh, MJ DA GOD). Doesn't mean he walked on water or was the son of God, LOL. Maybe he himself believed he was the son of God, in which case he was probably a schizophrenic, delusional man. Or he knowingly conned people into thinking he was the son of God in order to further his agenda. Either way, people believed him and deityfied him. You think this is unlikely? It happens today even that people are mystified by charismatic, public personalities and embellish accounts/events of the person. Tex Winther is lying through his teeth when claiming Wilt Chamberlain shot 'dunking' free throws or whatever by the way, c'mon.

To literally believe in the story of Noah's Ark is nuts. To believe in God and take out of biblical allegories higher points of meaning, morality, justification of existence -- OK, that's not (totally) nuts.

Think about this, religious people. If we consider a cosmic calendar, consisting of 12 months of which January 1st at 00:00.0000000000001 AM is the birth of the universe. When do human beings come into the picture? Somewhere around December 31st 11.53 PM (or so, don't recall the exact time). Humans are such an insignificant organism in the macro perspective, yet you think we are special, chosen beings by the Bearded Guy upstairs. What about the other 14 billion years before humans existed; what was God doing in that time period? Or was the Earth created 4000 years ago? LOL.

To me, religion is a thing of duality. I respect people's spirituality and the belief of something higher than man, though I don't subscribe to this idea myself. I'm rational a man of science and reason. But extremists turn me off. Why not respect their belief? Because it's because of people like them we were set back as a species. Set back at least 1500 years. 1500 years of technological advancement we missed out on because generations of religious nuts suppressed scientific advancement that didn't adhere to their view on God.

2500 years ago there were some astronomers of antiquity who believed the Earth was round, the Earth was NOT the center of the universe (they did however believe the Sun was). They couldn't prove it yet because they lacked the tools and the mathematics, but some were very close. One did actually prove the Earth was round, an Egyptian mathematician. Because of the persecution of these and ANYONE who had similar thoughts until the f*cking renaissance around 1600 AC these ideas went underdeveloped for so long. Think of where we would be as a species, as a society had these things not been hindered. We would've been on Mars by now no doubt. Cancer? Hunger? Poverty?

Two millennia of technology we missed out on because extremists hanged people who in antiquity didn't believe Zeus and his gang. In the Roman empire and dark ages it was people who didn't believe in Jesus as the son of God and the list goes on.

So yeah, pardon me if I'm not gonna be all nice to nutty religious people.

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