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Default Re: Race to the MVP 2012-13

Originally Posted by che guevara
21/3/7 is good enough for 2nd place in the MVP race these days? Really? This is like giving Billups 2nd place in '06. Tony arguably isn't even the Spurs MVP. Lebron and Durant are still well ahead of the field here.

Im sure Durant will regain his MVP spot on that mvp ladder at the end of next week, i dont think the losing streak will continue :P

..and oh, unfortunately stats doesnt seem to matter much, you just have to be the clear leader & best player of that team and then what you have to work with around you is heavily considered (a guy leading scrubs to best record will be an automatic MVP for example)... take a look at Spurs last game where Parker made quick work of the Clippers, that was MVP'ish...

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