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Default Re: Wish people didn't make this all about the QBs

Tom Brady tossed one touchdowns in his first superbowl run. If the math is right, under 6 yards per attempt...which is beyond terrible. He got hurt and Bledsoe came in and the team won the playoff game.

Brady was on some rookie QB, don't make the big mistake check down shit that year. It was his defense that didn't allow more than 17 points a game in the playoffs. It was the defense that forced four turnovers vs Pitt....then shut down the great Rams offense and forced 3 touchdowns and scored a touchdown in the superbowl.

Second playoff run they had the #6 scoring defense throughout the reg season and continued it in the playoffs forcing 6 turnovers in the first two playoff games and only allowing 14 points per game. Superbowl they let up some points and didn't get an insane amount of turnovers...offense stepped up... TEAM GAME.

Third run they had the #1 scoring defense..... and in playoffs shut down the high scoring offense of Colts at their peak....allowing 3 points and forcing 3 turnovers....

Next playoff game the defense gets four more turnovers vs Steelers and scored a touchdown.

Then in the superbowl forced four more turnovers.....

Show me where Tom Brady led them without a good defense.
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