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Default Re: Low Key Release: Adidas Adizero Ghost 2

Originally Posted by gasolina
Did you go up or down a size?

I really wouldn't call the CL2's as comfy, but its really important to get the proper tight fit. I went TTS @ US10.5

It's weird because I placed the CL2 side-by-side a friend's US10 crazy shadow and the shadow looked significantly bigger.

yea, i went with the proper tight fit with size 9.5. its like the perfect length, but i just cant seem to break into them width wise. i swear, if they were just a bid wider they'd be the perfect shoe. but anyway, if these dont work out, im planning to get size 9.5 crazy fast, crazy shadow, adizero ghost 2, or go with size 10 in crazy light 2s. Its a real shame though, these were such good responsive shoes and they actually added to my vertical. They weren't as comfortable as the hyperdunk 2012, but i could move a lot better in them.

the things with a lot of the comfier basketball shoes is that they're actually counterproductive when they're too soft. It's like squatting with running shoes on, you won't be able to squat as much as you could with a shoe with a hard sole like an olympic lifting shoe.
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