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Default Re: How I can be sold on this team....

Originally Posted by Clutch
J.R. shot chart
I have an issue with this post and feelings of other Knick fans when it comes to JR. These are the same exact shots he took when they were 18-5. The difference is he made those shots earlier in the season. No one complained about shot selection then its not fair to criticize them now.

Originally Posted by franchize
I can. Knickscity knows my stance on Rondo. Good...but overrated.

As for our Knicks, all I know is, Grunwald needs to get busy. You can't be in "win now" mode and have this roster. That doesn't add up. You HAVE to, at the very least, replace Sheed and/or Camby. You gave Camby 4 mill+ over 3 years. Obviously, you thought he'd be a significant part of your team. So now that he's out, you need to replace that void.

I think Rondo talent is elite. He is flawed and not a leader though.

Of course I agree that Grunwald made a mistake by not replacing them. Their are only 3 bigs active and thats whats going to destroy Melo. My problem also is Woody doesnt find a way to get White/Copeland minutes to save Chandler/Melo.
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