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Default Re: The return of Sonny Weems

Originally Posted by Euroleague
You are a ****ing idiot. He was the Nets 6th man last year you ****ing IDIOT.

I'm done trying to be reasonable with you. You are such a huge ****ing asshole.

I've never seen anyone that can lie like you.

Wrong again. Last year he was the Nets 7th or 8th man.

You are the liar claiming Farmar has been an NBA 6th man when he never has been a 6th man on any NBA team. An NBA 6th man implies the 1st man off the bench and many times 6th men are among the top 5 on the team in mpg and sometimes are even left on the court during crunch time.

Do you really believe Jordan Farmar, a back-up point guard, would be the 6th man on a Nets' team with Deron Williams. So Williams was be the first player subbed for during games? Jordan Farmar averaged 21.3 mpg last year on the Nets. Real "NBA 6th men" are like JR Smith on the Knicks who averages 33.4 mpg.

So while not a "scrub" Farmar has never been an NBA 6th man. He was exactly what I called him, an NBA back-up.
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