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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by dd24
I don't really think the NBA is moving away from the big man's game. I think there's just a lack of great big men which has forced some teams to do so. If we look around the league at the top teams, they still have excellent big men. Even if some are limited offensively, they still lock up the paint. I think you have to have a team that has a really good creator at some position, and then you need to have a good big man. Nobody is going to win it on their own. It takes a balance of players. My problem is building around a SG is crazy, unless it's a guy like Kobe or Michael.

Ok, let me explain my view on how the NBA is moving away from big men.
The addition of the 3pt line spelled the eventual doom of the big man, if not for that we wouldn't see guys jacking up 26 ft shots, we would not see guys drifting out on fast breaks. The rules have been changed too, the rule to limit the amount of time a big man can back down his opponent was limited and this severely hurt the post game. It was at that point the coaches and owners got the message that Stern wanted the game changed to a faster paced, free wheeling game and would continue to change the rules to make it happen. The coaches stopped going after the big post guys in favor of shooters like Dirk and Okur. They stopped training guys to play in the paint. It used to be mandatory for guys to go to the late Pete Newell's Big Man Camp to learn and refine their post guys are told to work on their shot. There was a time when any big completely raw guy would make it to the NBA on size and strength alone such as Mark Eaton who was 7'4" but didn't play basketball, he was discovered working as a car mechanic and slowly taught how to play basketball. At his height, size and wingspan he was a real force inside, he never developed an offensive game. This was a common type of story until recent times and the NBA moving away from big men.

Eaton's head would barely clear the final entrance from tunnel to court at the Forum by less than a half inch, without a haircut it would actually rub concrete.

If Eaton had been playing when Shaq came in, Shaq would've had a very hard time....his toughest.

Again, the reason you don't see the classic big man today is because the coaches don't want them and don't train yes, that is the NBA moving away from them.
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