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Default Re: Kobe "After losing by 20 we canít be laughing around" PIC

Originally Posted by jstern
I hate when people choose scapegoats because it's so primitive. Like middle ages primitive. It's the reason why things like WWII happened, and so many other bad things this day in age. So I have a particular annoyance towards people who always pick a person to blame for everything that goes wrong. Whether it's Dwight or Gasol.

The times I saw Dwight last night he wasn't smiling, but now you have people like the OP recording the game waiting for any type of out of context smile from Dwight just to post it here. And I'm not a Dwight fan because I think he's a moron.

He has a smiling personality, just like my cousin's kid. If you go back to when Dwight was 2 years old he probably had the same smiling personality, just like my cousin's kid, so I can't fault him for smiling when someone talks to him.

It's like Eli Manning the year he won his first Super Bowl. Sports radio everyday kept ripping him because of his facial expression. A person can't help the way they look in Eli's case. He shut them up by winning the Super Bowl MVP.

Also is there a link of Kobe saying this, or it the title another made up quote by a Kobe stan? Or taken out of context?
The moral of the story is.. Lakers fans are whining bitches and have no right to question NBA players manhood or scapegoat them. Even if the player they are whining about is a moron.
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