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Default Re: Kobe "After losing by 20 we canít be laughing around" PIC

Originally Posted by wakencdukest
I don't think anybody thinks that his smiling and joking around is making the Lakers play like shit. I think Kobes point is that these blowouts don't seem to bother dwight in the least. It appears that he doesn't care. Maybe he does, but it doesn't look like it. Maybe he shows disappointment in other ways? when does he get mad? I'd love to see him get real fired up just once.

People express themselves in different ways. I've been watching Kawhi Leonard for 1 1/2 years now and the guy NEVER smiles. Does that mean that he's never happy? Duncan rarely gets fired up. Does that mean he's not competitive? If DH has a sunny disposition (and it seems it's important for him to be happy), why shouldn't he smile? Magic was like him - had a smile to light up the place. How can one be happy if one is wondering about whether he's gonna get criticized for SMILING?

I remember Horry saying he always tries to enjoy himself on the court. He's the same way whether he's coasting in the regular season or under intense pressure in the playoffs. Maybe that's why he was so clutch. He said in the end it's just a game and he goes home to his family. He had a daughter with a genetic defect - when you have that to go home to, it puts things in perspective and basketball is just a game.
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