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Default Re: Magic and Skip say Jordan would beat Lebron 10 out of 10 one v one

Originally Posted by TheMan
We just have different views on the word punked, you obviously link it to a violent act while I link it to someone making you look foolish in a basketball game.

If my oppossing player keeps saying he's gonna score on me no matter what I do and he baxks it up and I can't stop him and he goes on to drain the game winner in my face, I could pretty much expect my teammates to tell me he punked me in that game.

It's just street lingo man, get over it. You're probably a white boy legend beating other surburban kids, I played against some good Chicago street ballers in my time, and got punked from time to time

Don't know how or why you would think I'm white, but I'm a 30 year old black man. I guess it's a lingo thing like you say. If i out due my opponent while talking cash shit then all I've done was beat him. Punking is taking somebody's manhood. It's like calling another man the word bitch. I've seen dudes get mopped up without hesitation just for calling somebody that. If a man call you a bitch while we're hooping and you don't check him then he punked you. I dunno. I might be too old or something.
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