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Default Re: MJ Discusses Kobe vs. LeBron -vid

Originally Posted by Money 23
That is a serious assumption. Or you're just mad MJ isn't so quick to knob slob LeBron like every other over zelous "analyst". The insecurity lies with LeBron fans. Not with MJ.

Kobe for quite a period had the potential to threaten MJ's legacy. He had 3 rings by the ripe young age of only 23 years old. MJ at no point talked down Kobe in fear of his legacy.

Even with Bron playing as well as he is now, he has to take some MAJOR steps to come even remotely close to MJ's legacy. And he probably needs an extra ring, and couple all time great NBA Finals performances to wipe the slate clean of that turd he left in our minds in 2011.

MJ's just being cautious. Just cause he doesn't salivate the new guy doesn't mean he's threatned. Sure he's competitive, but MJ has always said he gives respect when it's EARNED. Not given ... EARNED.

Understand that. That's also why he thinks the post MJ generation has been so weak. Everything has been handed to them on a silver platter. That's why he respects Kobe, no matter what you say about him, he earned his rep through hard work.

LeBron was a slacker before putting the effort, work, and heart it takes to win. He just NOW started to turn things around. No longer the ghetto, 4 year old dancing on the sidelines and chickening out in crunch time.m Just now did he start playing like a champion with a "F You" edge to his game.
Only a retard would actually believe that you actually think he was chickened out in crunch time with th cavs And just because he didn;t win before does it make him a slacker same with MJ when he finally won it all. I'm sure MJ doesn't win it all at the age lebron took his team to his first finals and if he lost it I'm sure not going to call him a slacker because I'm not retarded and know it's a team game. MJ certainly had a good team as well.
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