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Default Re: Lebron is on Jordan's level now

You have too look at the things Bron has on Bird, Magic, or MJ. For starters, dude is 6'8 260 pounds and a freakish athlete. Secondly, Bron's defensive versatility can't be touched by any of them. And Bron scoring the rock is so efficient it's scary. It's damn near to where everytime he touches the rock he's gonna get points or assists. If anything, Bron peak value is proving to be the best all around or most versatile player of all time. He's eclipsed MJ, Bird, and Magic in that regard. Frankly, I put a guy like KG second in that all around or versatility list. MJ and Kobe can literally do it all at their size. But those guys have three position versatility on both sides of the rock. While Bron and KG come the closest to having 5 position versatility on both sides. But I do put MJ over Bron in terms of who is the better player. Better player and most versatile player are two different arguments. Plain and simple NOBODY can take a game by the throat the way MJ did.
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